Last minute gift ideas for your friend's wedding


Are you thinking about last minute gift but at the same time cheap funny or unique wedding gift ideas?
Consider these:
1. Fun game that they can play together...Or a gift card to the movie theater. It really cheap
2. Picture frames/photo albums.they are inexpensive and some of them are very pretty.
3. If you can get your hands on a few pictures of them, a custom made scrapbook. not only is it a personal & one of a kind gift, it's something they can treasure forever.
4. Some kind of decor for their room(s). Girls love candles, so you can't go wrong there, really.
5.How about the watch idea. Maybe Tag Huer watch with the wedding date engraved on the back of the face.
6. How about an engraved flask?
7. "Traditional" wedding shower gift.
8. How about a digital photo frame? Those make excellent gifts
9. Basket full of different colored candles with romantic and meaningful poem
10. Go to wal-mart and buy a basket and in the craft section they have gift basket kits for weddings. It has some shredded paper filling and wedding bag to put the basket in. Buy wine, wine glasses, chocolates, massage oil, and whatever else fits them.
11.Do a scrapbook up until now of them together and then add a frame for the wedding photo to keep it all themed.
12. Something collectable like proper crystal glasses ie waterford or royal daulton.
13. Pay for parts of their honeymoon
- A mug or a pair of mugs to match her/him everyday china
- A serving spoon to match her stainless steel cutlery
- A pair of cotton pillowcases or towels
- A tray
- A set of steak-knives
- An every-day tablecloth, or placemat