Last minute gift ideas for him


-cute picture frame with a picture of you two or something that he'll have with him all the time to remind him of you such as a key chain w/your name/picture

-movie bucket. [few dvds, popcorn, boxers&shirt, candy, ect]

-if he likes football then get him a hat or somthing to do with his team

-a perfume, shirt or something like that

-Watches, Wallets, Belt, Sunglasses

-Make him his favourite dish.

if your boyfriends into something like RNB gangstah stuff buy him some nice shoes !

if your boyfriends into music buy him a instrument or something like that if he dosent have on .

if your boyfriends into country stuff buy him some nice jeans

if your boyfriends into clothing buy him nice clothes ! BOYISH ones

buy something matching hes personality