Homemade Last Minute Gift Ideas

Make him a picture frame,instead of buying one.Use cardboard from a cardboard box(You can get them free if you go to a local store nearby,they throw them away anyway!).Cut the cardboard into four strips (past them together in a square),and decorate it with colored paper,computer paper you have colored cut into shapes and letters.

digital scrapbook with picture of birthday person, which can be easily made with scrapbook maker program, no computer skills needed. Digital scrapbook program offers a bundle of premade fabulous templates, and your digital photos can be quickly transformed into a stunning SCRAPBOOK page.

creative card with picture or/and some words or message inside it, will be great gift without spend a lot of money

for example, necklace full of beautiful beads or something like that. Suitable for for your sister or girl friend

If you love knitting, it would be benefit for you. Knitting a scarf or a hat is a lot simpler than you'd think. It's very cheap to buy some knitting needles for a scarf or a knitting loom to knit a hat (knitting a hat is easier).

Polymer clay is a mold-able clay that is soft like Play-Doh when warm. So, you can make it into any shape you like. Once you like the shape, bake it in a regular oven at 275 for about 5-10 minutes and bam! Hard! You can make beads, charms, earrings and more with polymer clay. It's very cheap at well! The only thing you need is the clay! A block of it (about enough to make 5 pairs of earrings!) is about $2.50 in most craft stores. You can also buy fancy tools and such but, all you absolutely need are hands (lol), a regular baking oven (DO NOT USE AN EASY BAKE OR MICROWAVE OVEN) and the clay itself.

Homemade Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last minute gift ideas for teacher (teacher appreciation last minute gift ideas)

Looking for that perfect last minute gift idea for teacher? no idea for teacher appreciation gift?? Relax! Here are a variety of quick teacher appreciation last minute gift ideas
-basket or tin of homemade cookies or candy

-tea cup with different flavors of tea

-organizer, diaries

-Lotion for hands


-bath gels from Bath and Body works


-nice travel mug & giftcard

-candle holders

-home made jam put into pretty jars

-bath salts

-bath pearls

-picture frames

-pot pourri






teacher appreciation last minute gift ideas
teacher appreciation last minute gift ideas