Last minute gift ideas for mother

Last minute gift ideas for my mother?? What is something that could be some great gifts that makes her feel greatly appreciated...

Think one of these options:
~ just make the time to spend with her....take her out for dinner, lunch, breakfast or cook dinner for her.(Mom's are sentimental and want to know that their children love them enough to give them their "time" because if it hadn't been for the time your mother spent on you, you probably wouldn't be the person you are give her your time and let her know how special she really is)

~ 2 weeks all paid for vacation from all her kids somewhere in Hawaii (or other place she would like to go)

~ card, cake, and a necklace with a locket and some pictures.

~ a day at the spa...she will be appreciated

~ If you have a picture of you with her when you were young-Take it to Walmart and blow it up to a 5x7 and get a frame that has something to do with being a mom and place the picture in the frame Its a great gift and she will love it

~ A simple card with handmade certificates in it with each one stating something you will do exclusively for her...such as: A night at the movies, babysit for free, clean the house for a day, cook dinner, and so on. That's a last minute gift.

~ Get her a mushy card, balloons and flowers...oh and a little cake...HAPPY B-DAY TO YOU MAMA...